FADO The Portuguese Soul
Fado is mainly associated with the Portuguese capital, Lisbon. However, the university city of Coimbra has a fado tradition of it’s own, capable of competing with the Lisbon Song. The most striking difference is the exclusively male line-up of the ensembles, songs set for midnight serenades and guitars tuned differently providing a warm timbre that gets even deeper into the hearts of the listeners.

Discover in Fadodecoimbra.com the new sounds of portuguese fado! With our "World Music" musicians and Fado Groups, we aim to provide a serious contribution towards the renovation of this 120 - year - old style. This is the context of the «Coimbra» show, a production based on songs that set forth from the musical traditions of Coimbra and flowed into an album under the same title. Thus, the aim is to develop empathy with the audience, by reaching into traditional imagery, while at the same time framing the novel refreshing approaches found within the current music scene of Coimbra and Portugal.

This show, even though designed for bonding with the audience in closed spaces (theatres, auditoria, cultural centres, etc.), can also be presented in open spaces (minimum of 3 and up to 8 musicians by fado group), in order to simplify its inclusion in just about any cultural calendar or world music festival at any time of the year.

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